Where do you want to be based?


Where do you want to be based?

What is Based

We are Based –  A business community enthusiastic about travel. We create amazing temporary co working/living spaces in spectacular locations across the globe and take the Based community with us!

Due to advancements in technology and business mentality, a new location independent workforce is emerging which understand the importance of collaboration, travel and wellbeing. It is no longer necessary for us to be confined to a stuffy office, spending the best part of our lives in the same location. We are all products of our environment and Based helps develop the optimal environment to encourage a happier lifestyle and work productivity.

Our mission is simple. To gather the right people to work and live together for a month at a time in breathtaking locations. We engineer and tailor your experience so that you and your work can benefit the most. 

Join the Based community today for your chance to travel and work with us. 

A retreat for the mind, body, soul and business…

What we offer


Accelerate your business through tailored events, effective networking and amazing workspace.


A collection of inspiring businesses doing work together through Based. Power in numbers!


Fully organised community adventures in beautiful locations.  

Upcoming Coworking

Nicaragua – Oct to Nov 2017


Destination TBC – Oct to Nov 2017


Destination TBC – Jan to Feb 2018

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