• Absolutely! We purposefully aim to have at least one project team from a large corporate to promote big to small company networking. Furthermore, we aim to make the digital nomadic lifestyle more accessible to every sector so actively encourage project teams within corporates to join Based retreats so they can experience all the benefits of living a more part-remote and travel enriched workstyle. Based retreats are particularly good for innovators within corporates in charge of moving their companies forward.

  • Importantly, we want to make sure the group is an appropriate size for every individual to receive the right amount of attention and promote optimal decision making and collaboration. This is why all Based retreats are limited to seven people. According to several social scientific publications, this is an optimal group size. 

  • The dates are carefully selected based on the best time to visit each location. It is critical to us that an optimal environment is created to serve Based members, and that includes climate!

  • Every retreat includes a friendly Based Host and there primary job is to ensure you are benefiting the most from your experience. They won’t be staying in the member’s accommodation, but will be with you on the retreat and your point of contact should you need anything.

  • We organise the seminars and workshops once we have all applications in so that we can arrange the most relevant speakers and topics based on the goals and sectors of the based members joining the retreat. 

  • All Based Retreats include Coworking facilities with high-speed internet connections capable of conducting video conferencing etc.. We usually get stronger and more reliable internet speeds when based in Bali over London!

  • To promote collaboration, coworking operates on a hot-desking policy shared amongst different companies. However, where possible Based will position its members in a dedicated suite. 

  • Nice try, but unfortunately not. It’s not a job, but there will be plenty of opportunities for business development with other companies. We tailor your environment so you and your business benefit the most out of the experience. 

  • You don’t necessarily have to be in employment but you will need to be working on a project such as writing a book, making a video or developing a business as in the week, we will be focused on business productivity working in coworking spaces.

  • We try and tailor the groups so that there are effective networking opportunities between different sectors. Chiefly, we ensure that you are surrounded by like-minded people who are inspiring and motivating so that the optimal working eco-system can be formed.

  • The total cost for the ‘Base Package’ is inclusive of quality accommodation, coworking, Based Host, seminars with carefully selected keynote speakers, airport transfers, breakfast and local sim card. Weekend adventures, flights and other extras can also be organised us through the ‘Base Plus’ package. For details check out the ‘Cost and Packages’ section on the individual retreat pages.

  • Each Based retreat is a month-long program, however, Members retreats can be for any period. 

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