Becoming a Digital Nomad

Hello. My name is Matt and I am not a digital nomad – at least not yet. I have worked as an employee in the commercial property industry for over 10 years, specialising in advising businesses on office acquisitions and real estate strategies. I have learnt a lot and gained respected credentials, however, my true desire since an early age was to set up my own business. It was just a matter of time whilst I gather the appropriate amount of knowledge, experience and money.

However, like most budding entrepreneurs, I was held back from acting on my true ambitions by fear! The fear of failing, losing all my money, damaging my career to date etc… Although these are all rational fears faced when taking the entrepreneurial leap, they can cause analysis paralysis whereby our logical mind will assess the unknown in such detail that eventually it will create a reason to stall your ambitions, or worse, extinguish them.

My entrepreneurial journey was properly put into motion when I joined an organised coworking retreat in Bali whereby I worked in coworking space for a month with other like-minded individuals. I was sceptical at first, questioning the business benefits, but I had always wanted to go to Bali so decided to give it a go. And thank god I did! The whole retreat was a catalyst which accelerated not only my business through effective networking and focused working in groups, but critically the inspiration and self-belief I needed to progress to the next steps and help eliminate the fears mentioned above.

I exited the chrysalis not as a beautiful butterfly but as a confident entrepreneur with a clear plan. There were so many elements to the experience which contributed to this result, but if I had to summarise, I would attribute the main benefits to being in a supportive environment based in a new and exciting country, surrounded by like-minded people. The experience really gave me a new angle on life, and my mind soon became much clearer on what I needed to do – Create a business which fundamentally allowed me to live a more location independent lifestyle and also help others realise the benefits of this lifestyle.

I set to work and after much pivoting Based Coworking was formed. A company that will provide amazing international coworking retreats filled with adventure, tailored networking events, business productivity and of course travel. A more natural and travel enriched work/life incubator. But first – If I am to promote and eventually sell this lifestyle then I need to absorb myself into it. Hence the title ‘Becoming a Digital Nomad’

Over the next 6 months, I will be working and travelling around East Asia to set up the Based retreat for members next year. As well as developing the business, I plan to document my conversion from a traditional career to location independent entrepreneur. I want to portray the good the bad and the ugly and really explore how accessible this lifestyle is to the average worker.

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“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything”